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About Turing

Named after the father of theoretical computer science and artificial intelligence, Alan Turing, being cherished by CESS, RGIT through the scattered pages, imparting knowledge to our wonderful readers, and compiled to form of our Annual Magazine and Monthly Newsletters: TURING. TURING is a medium where anybody can share their ideas with everybody, without cost, without stage-fright, without social anxiety. All one needs, is to grab a pen and start writing! And let’s not underestimate the potential of the smallest, seemingly insignificant ideas, for they are the seeds that grow into gigantic trees called innovation. Keeping in mind that technology is not restricted to Computers, we have regularly collaborated with departments of other branches of engineering, viz a viz, Mechanical, Electronics & Telecommunication and Instrumentation, whom we are indebted for sharing worthwhile and interesting facts of their respective fields. Although, primarily a tech-oriented journal, TURING has a place for all forms of knowledge, considering different fields of interest of its varied reader base and authors, be it literature, arts, science, economics, sports, music, let alone technology. In the hope that you learn something beautiful, that a spark is ignited within you to explore wonders that are there all around, that you in return share the gems of your thoughts & ideas with others, we humbly offer TURING to you!



Founders Note

The pages were compiled from various sources by many bloggers and the students of Rajiv Gandhi Institute of Technology. We started as a small team who wanted to make knowledge of the gadgets as lucid as possible. The era we live in encourages drastic technological advancements which makes a man’s life inseparable from the use of gadgets. Hence, the goal has been to make technology understandable to a layman. As we grew in number and ideas, we thought, why stick to technology? We then started writing about music we have been listening to, the one-liners we had been reading and the debates we had been living in. This is going to be the end of the magazine or the start of something beautiful. We genuinely hope the upcoming batches shall take TURING to new highs, and wish them all the good luck. “How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.”

-Vineet Trivedi, Pranav Reddy, Shreyans Jain.

List of Editor-in-Chiefs:

Vineet Trivedi (2015-2016)

Tejas Patel (2016-2017)

Anindya Vinayak (2017-2018)

Mandar Mahaske(2018-2019)

Present Core Editorial Team:

Pranati Shete

Akshi Saxena

Sonal Sharma

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