Teaching in this institution for more than two decades has endowed me with many momentous memories throughout my term. The memory that shines the brightest out of all of them, belongs to the day the Computer Engineering Student’s Society (CESS) came into existence. The synchronization between the latest technology and the ones from the past play an important role in advancing throughout the years.

The institution has always encouraged hard work and honesty, and our students have always upheld these values. The students, across the years, have worked relentlessly on various projects and events and have always come up with new ideas that result in great outcomes.

I strongly applaud the CESS committee on their marvelous work on Turing magazine, helpful workshops and events and assisting the department in its endeavour. The students always delivered their best and never cease to impress the institute with their creativity and consistency. There is no substitute for hard work, this is something I have always believed in and I always encourage our students to always do the best they can in any situation that presents itself.

I hope CESS continues to bloom and expand in the years to come.


HOD of Computer Engineering Department , Founder of RGIT CESS


Dilip Dalgade


Bhushan M Patil

Anita Lahane

Student’s convener