6th August

The CESS committee organized a workshop on Web Development (frontend) under the program ‘REACH AND TEACH’ for the Computer Department students. The prime objective of the workshop was to get the students acquainted to HTML, CSS and BOOTSTRAP which are necessary tools for Web Development. The workshop was conducted by our Final Year Student Mr. Nitish Talekar. The workshop was conducted from 1:00 p.m. till 4:00 p.m. in the seminar hall for the S.E, T.E. and B.E. students. More than 50 students actively participated in the workshop. The workshop commenced with the basic introduction to HTML and CSS, followed by a brushup to basic HTML tags and syntax. The session continued with hands-on experience on HTML and how CSS can be added to an HTML structure. The doubts and errors were solved as in when encountered. Numerous examples were taken and the advantages of BOOTSTRAP over traditional CSS were discussed. Lastly, the workshop culminated with a few questions and doubts that were solved satisfyingly. For any other doubts and support, the students were encouraged to freely contact their professors and seniors.